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Month: January 2018


Comedy and crossing borders: Eddie Izzard and standup’s post-Westphalian potential

3 years ago

650 words

Let’s start with the $5 word in the title of this post: “post-Westphalian.”¬†Westphalian thinking refers to the notion that each nation-state has sovereignty over everything that happens within its borders. The term comes from the Peace of Westphalia, ending religious wars in Europe in the 17th century. It tends to show up with political scientists…

New Year’s Resolution: Be human (+ an insomniac) first, then a PhD student

3 years ago

690 words

It’s been a month since I wrote, which is a much longer break than I’d anticipated. I’ve decided to write about something which is not terribly inspiring or creative, but rather which is real to me and has been for several months. I’ve been struggling with insomnia since early October, a piece of information which…

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