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Category: research


Daring to be dumb in educational practice and scholarship

3 years ago

510 words

Like some of my other posts, I decided to leave this post title without a clarifying subheading. It refers to a suggestion made by Brad Heckman, an educator and specialist in conflict resolution with a background in international peacemaking who now leads an organization that provides conflict mediation training for police working in urban communities.…

Silence in education and ed research: taking off the crusader’s cape

5 years ago

536 words

I’m reading a book entitled “Perspectives on Silence,” an oldie-but-goodie text on the various constructions, interpretations, and meanings of silence from various disciplinary perspectives. I’m very interested in this topic as it relates to my work¬†on how research¬†involving asymmetries of power influence the construction of knowledge, particularly in interviewing and survey-based data collection. Explorations of…

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